PhotoResist Materials
  • Color PhotoResist
  • Positive PhotoResist for TFT
  • Product Features

    1、Chromaticity Performance: high transmittance, high saturation and high contrast.

    2、Process Feature: high coating uniformity, high photosensitivity and good process margin.

    3、Reliability: high heat resistance, high UV resistance, high chemical resistance and high storage stability.

  • Product Categories

    Develop customized product according to client spec.

  • Pattern(SEM)

  • Product Feature

    The product has high photosensitivity, high contrast, high resolution, and good process margin. It can be exposed with i-line, g-line and g-h-i line, and the resolution can be achieved 1.5μm.

  • Applications

    It can be used in AMOLED, LCD and related semiconductor manufacturing processes.

  • Reference Process

    Coating: spin or slit
    Pre bake: 110℃, 160sec
    Exposure: i-line, g-line, g-h-i line exposure
    Development: TMAH 2.38%, 60s
    Post bake: 130 ℃, 140sec

  • 1.5um
  • 1.8um

  • 3um
  • 4um
  • 6um

  • 8um