R&D Results

As of August 1,2020, EMT has applied for 504 patents, including 17 international patents, and 93 patents have been granted.


Conquer new technologies with new theories and create new materials with new technologies.

EMT and Tsinghua University jointly developed Thermal Activation Sensitized Fluorescence (TASF) technology. TASF is a new generation of OLED purely based on low cost organic luminescent compounds to achieve 100% internal quantum efficiency. We have made major breakthrough in blue OLED with TASF technology, and brought the material performance to a new level, enabling infinite OLED product design.

TASF Data(Bottom)

Sky Blue
Deep Blue
CE:Current Efficiency/cd.A-128.624.583.3
EQE:External Quantum  Efficiency/%24.427.322.8
EL Peak/nm468460526