Main Business

Established in 2013, Eternal Material Technology is committed to the research, development and manufacturing of electronic materials and providing technical services. EMT is leading the industry with its products of OLED and color photoresist materials.

Honors and Recognitions

Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise

CODA Member

High-level Innovation Team

Langfang Electronic Materials R&D Center

Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base

CEMIA Board of Directors

National High-Tech Enterprise




Corporate Status

The first Chinese supplier of proprietary display materials.

  • Beijing
    Beijing—Headquarter and Innovation Center
  • Gu'an
    Gu'an—Experimental and Small-scale Production Base
  • Hefei
    Hefei—Mass Production Base
  • Shenzhen
    Shenzhen—Key Account Service Center
  • Kunshan
    Kunshan——Key Account Service Center
  • Beijing—Headquarter and Innovation Center
  • Gu'an—Experimental and Small-scale Production Base
  • Hefei—Mass Production Base
  • Shenzhen—Key Account Service Center
  • Kunshan——Key Account Service Center

EMT has established partnerships with display and lighting panel manufacturers, and presents a strong position in Chinese market.